February/March 2017 Writing for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Prior to leaving my position at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute in early December 2016, I wrote the following stories which were later published in February and March 2017:

Ring Chromosome Study to Address Neurodevelopment and DNA Looping

Powering Up Mitochondria Could Boost Military and Civilian Health

Seeing the Unseen to Change the Picture for Lymphatic Disorders

Childhood Cancer Research Effort Shoots for the Moon

CHOP Expert Advises Blue Ribbon Panel for National Cancer Moonshot Initiative

Pooling Clinical Data Aids Patient-Reported Outcomes

Leading the Way by Harnessing ‘Big Data’ to Help Little Patients

Making Headway in Understanding Autism in the Brain

Dynamic Cancer Trial Closes the Loop Between Lab and Clinic

Entrepreneurial Spirit Revving Up Pediatric Research at CHOP

CHOP’s Innovative Spina Bifida Fetal Surgery Grows Up

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