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June and July 2016 Writing for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

I wrote the following stories published in June and July 2016 by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute:

Ready to Be a Healthy Adult Survivor of Childhood Cancer? Text Y/N

Microbiome Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Will Give the Gut a Holiday

‘Y’ Could Help Answer ‘How’ for Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Brain

Study Aims to Match Injured Children to Hospitals Best Equipped for Their Care

Time to Strengthen Parent-Pediatrician Conversations About Autism Care

CHOP Research In the News: Clinical Research in the Spotlight

Q&A: How Computer-Simulated Hospital Systems May Improve Care

CHOP Research In the News: Children’s Surgery Safety, Mentoring Award, and More

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Learning Language Grows From and Catalyzes Research

CHOP Research In the News: Big Efforts Aimed at Small Things

On Your Skin, In Your Gut, and All Around: A Microbiome Q&A

Capitalizing on the Research Potential of Mobile and Digital Technologies

How Warts Could Reveal the Immune System’s Tiny Flaws and Functions

CHOP Research In the News: Trauma, Asthma, Autism Insurance Mandates, and Sexual Health

CHOP Research In the News: New Rare Disease, FA Woodstock, Bioengineering, and Protecting Toddlers from Child Abuse

Driving Safety Research Gets Traction as Business Venture

Originally published in two versions, on Cornerstone, the CHOP Research Blog, and in Bench to Bedside, the CHOP Research monthly publication

I composed these original articles based on interviews with the investigators.


If you do not expect pediatric research to have anything to do with improving the bottom line of a parcel delivery service or cable company, then the story of Diagnostic Driving may surprise you.

Diagnostic Driving, a startup company spun out from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute, has spent the past several months accelerating from an idea based on teen driver safety research into a thoroughly researched, successfully piloted business model for improving the safety of corporate automotive fleets. At the end of October, Venk Kandadai, MPH, co-founder of the company, traveled across the country presenting Diagnostic Driving’s success to date and seeking investments so the company can continue its growth.

The company’s journey is an illustration of what a growing number of CHOP-generated ideas may experience soon under the guidance of the new Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

To trace this company’s road from research to the startup world, let’s hit reverse and see where it began.