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October 2016 Writing for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

I wrote (or edited, as noted) the following articles published in October 2016 by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute:

Scientists Seek Mitochondrial Mechanism to Overcome Cancer Treatment Resistance

Finding of Variability in Antibiotic Prescribing Yields Improvements, Accolades

Project Aims to Automate Adverse Event Reporting in Cancer Clinical Trials

In a Teenager’s Brain, HIV Infection Could Cause Unique Damage

How to Address Four Factors That Limit Gender Equality in Academic Medicine

I noticed a CHOP-affiliated co-author, Dr. Ganetzky, listed on a piece in the journal Academic Medicine calling for action on gender equality. I approached Dr. Ganetzky with the idea for a guest blog post on the subject and worked with her to refine and edit the post for publication.

CHOP Research In the News: Ear Infection Genetics, Childhood Cancer Heredity, Vaccine Anniversary

CHOP, Penn Researchers Share Progress and Tips for Using mHealth Tools

CHOP Research In the News: Cancer Moonshot Yields Data-Sharing Initiatives, Hemophilia Surprise, Mitochondrial Medal

Mentorship in Medicine, Zebras, and Holsteins: Q&A with Elaine Zackai

April 2016 Writing for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

I wrote the following articles published by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute in April 2016:

Restoring Balance in the Brain After Concussion

CHOP Oncologist Appointed to Blue Ribbon Panel for National Cancer Moonshot

Teaching a Computer to See Like a Dermatologist

Study Maps Early Connectivity Networks in Newborn Babies’ Brains

CHOP Research In the News: Transgender Youth, Vaccines, and Sleep

In Bench to Bedside: Finding Research Success in Setbacks

Growing Into Healthy Relationships: A Teen Dating Violence Q&A

CHOP Research In the News: Genetic Superheroes, Excess Bone, and Secondhand Smoke

Coordinating Research with 80 Million Participants: A PCORnet Q&A

Hakon Hakonarson Honored for Excellence in Research Mentoring

CHOP Research In the News: Plastic Bronchitis, Baby BMI, Voice at the Vatican