August 2016 Writing for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

I wrote the following stories published in August 2016 by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute except as otherwise indicated:

How Reformed ‘Mean Girls’ Can Help Their Classmates

Competing in ‘Olympics’ Helped Teens Retain CPR Skills

Children May Be Overtreated for Joint Pain Resulting from Infection

Positive Parenting Program Improves Bad Behavior in Preschool-Age Children

Childhood Cancer Advocates Find Strength in Numbers

Laws Limiting School Junk Food Sales and Ads Show Potential to Impact Obesity

“We’re Just Laughing About Poop”: A Clinical Research Study Experience Q&A

This article was written by our intern, Elyse Siravo, under my editorial guidance. I helped develop the concept for this Q&A as part of an initiative to improve clinical research recruitment. I sought and identified the interviewees, helped Elyse shape the questions, sat in on the interview, took the photo, and substantially edited Elyse’s written draft of the Q&A and its introduction in multiple stages.

CHOP Research In the News: Policies Protecting Children and a Portal for Parents and Teachers

Safety, Thinking, Partnerships, Motherhood: Six Key Quotes from a Physician Scientist on a Mission

Behavioral Health Prevention Efforts Prepare Kids to Learn in School

CHOP Research In the News: Allergies and Asthma, Arthritis, and Immunology of Inflammation

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