March 2016 Writing for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

I wrote the following stories published by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute in March 2016, except as otherwise indicated:

CPR for Children Gets Smarter

In this story, I explored a body of research on improvements to in-hospital CPR that CHOP clinician-researchers had been at work on for more than a decade, but that had been under-reported within the CHOP community. Coincidentally, I discovered the story just as the investigators were preparing to be awarded a major NIH grant that put several pieces of their program’s work together, so I was able to announce the grant through this feature article.

Seeing the Impact of a Decade of Genomics Discoveries

This story looks back on the first decade of accomplishments of a center that was established as one of the largest research investments at CHOP at the time. I pursued the story initially due to Dr. Hakonarson’s recognition on the Thomson Reuters “highly cited” list but broadened its focus once I realized that his center’s tenth anniversary was approaching.

A Molecular Balancing Act to Fight Autoimmune Disease and Cancer

I found out about one new grant Dr. Hancock had received. To my surprise, when I met with him for an interview, he mentioned that he had received notice on the same day of another award to study the same molecules but for an opposite effect. It was completely fascinating! This molecular biology story turned out to be one of the most popular articles in our Bench to Bedside publication that month, despite the relative obscurity of its focus.

Concussions’ Unpredictability Underscores Need for Follow-Up Care

Using Doctors’ Certification Requirements to Increase HPV Vaccination

CHOP Honors Distinguished Research Trainees on Poster Day

CHOP Research In the News: DNA Scrunching, Video Games, Smart Drugs

CHOP Research In the News: Obesity, PTSD, and Alice in Wonderland

Staying Safe in the Sun: A Sun Protection Q&A

CHOP’s Foerderer Awards Support Novel Biomedical Research Studies

A Week in the Life of the Research Navigator

For this guest blog post written by Katherine Yang-Iott, I initially proposed the concept of hosting a blog post about Katherine’s new role, approached Katherine, and worked with her to develop a “day in the life” concept into a “week in the life” post. My role included guiding her in how to think about writing the piece through contributing multiple phases of editing to shape the final product.

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