Autism/Autismo: Films Reach Diverse Audiences with Families’ Personal Stories

Drexel News Blog

This spring, a set of videos premiered in Philadelphia, documenting the experiences of local African-American families as each dealt with a child’s autism diagnosis. The films, produced by social worker Karen Krivit with a team of Drexel television management students, sought to reach a community that has been historically underserved with autism information and resources. (These videos are now freely available online, part 1 here and part 2 here.)

This wasn’t her first such effort; last year, she produced a video about autism for Asian and Asian-American families, that has been widely distributed online and translated into multiple Asian languages. (Watch this video online, here.)

This summer, the project continues.

Krivit and her Drexel student collaborators are next due to release the film “Autism for Hispanic and Latino Families.” It will premiere at two events at Free Library of Philadelphia branches in North Philadelphia and South Philadelphia. This…

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