Digging Deeper into Dreadnoughtus: Dinosaur Interview Part 2

Drexel News Blog

A team led by Drexel University’s Kenneth Lacovara, PhD announced a major new dinosaur discovery with a paper published in the journal Scientific Reports on Sept. 4, 2014. The dinosaur is BIG. So big that we could only fit the highlights and main points of interest into the press release – read that for a general overview of the find. Previously in Part 1 of the extended cut of our interview with Lacovara, we shared more about the dinosaur’s anatomy and lifestyle. In Part 2 below, Lacovara looks back into the process of discovery and then forward into how paleontology is going high-tech and much more.

Tell us more about the process of discovery. You’ve been on paleontology teams before that have discovered massive dinosaurs in China and Egypt. How do you know where to find dinosaurs, and why did you go to Patagonia in Argentina this time?

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