Fossils in the Big Apple and Other Urban Paleontology Adventures

Drexel News Blog

There are fossils in New York’s Grand Central Station.

It’s not a traveling museum exhibit. It’s not an exhibit at all.

Hundreds of millions of years in the past, the limestone used to construct the station’s floors was formed through the accumulation of ancient marine life. You can still see impressions of some of those life forms today if you know what to look for.

Ken Lacovara and Richard Wiese find fossils at Grand Central StationAs a paleontologist, Ken Lacovara, PhD, an associate professor at Drexel, knows exactly what to look for. During a weekend in New York City, he teamed up with television host Richard Wiese to film a five-borough fossil hunt for the program “Born to Explore.”

The episode airs this Saturday, Nov. 23 on ABC television stations.

In two days of filming this summer, Lacovara and Wiese found fossils not only in the floor of Grand Central, but in the wall of Saks Fifth Avenue department…

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