Beyond the vibrant debate, real participation in a push to end poverty in America

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Vision for a New America: A Future Without PovertyExpect sparks to fly in Washington tomorrow, when Newt Gingrich, who famously lobbed the term “food stamp president” as a criticism to President Obama last year, sits down at the table with outspoken left-leaning figures such as filmmaker Michael Moore and philosopher Dr. Cornel West, to debate issues of poverty in America.

They’ll be participating in an all-star panel hosted by Tavis Smiley, entitled “Vision for a New America: A Future Without Poverty” just ahead of President Obama’s inauguration. It will be nationally televised live on C-SPAN and streamed online, and subsequently rebroadcast on PBS.

What makes this panel different from many others that preceded it? In part, it’s who else, besides the biggest names such as Gingrich, Moore, West, and author Jonathan Kozol, will get to participate.

Drexel’s own public health and hunger researcher Dr. Mariana Chilton, will have a seat at the table.

Dr. Mariana Chilton Dr. Mariana Chilton…

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