A Monkey Movie with a Message

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drill-project-trailer-still A frame from the trailer to “The Drill Project” documentary produced by Dr. Shaya Honarvar of Drexel University and filmed and directed by Justin Jay.

Bioko Island may be the last remaining place on Earth you could call a monkey paradise; its environment is one of the most densely populated with monkeys in all of Africa. Its landscape of lush rainforests, soaring cliffs and black sand beaches includes nearly a dozen species of primates. But the monkeys in Bioko’s seeming paradise aren’t quite thriving there. Nearly all of the monkeys on Bioko are endangered — many critically — and a major threat is the profit-driven bushmeat trade that persists despite laws prohibiting it in the nation of Equatorial Guinea, Bioko’s home.

Who can turn the tide to save the monkeys? It might just be a turtle biologist with a video camera.

My colleague Tim Hyland tells the tale in the…

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