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June and July 2016 Writing for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

I wrote the following stories published in June and July 2016 by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute:

Ready to Be a Healthy Adult Survivor of Childhood Cancer? Text Y/N

Microbiome Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Will Give the Gut a Holiday

‘Y’ Could Help Answer ‘How’ for Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Brain

Study Aims to Match Injured Children to Hospitals Best Equipped for Their Care

Time to Strengthen Parent-Pediatrician Conversations About Autism Care

CHOP Research In the News: Clinical Research in the Spotlight

Q&A: How Computer-Simulated Hospital Systems May Improve Care

CHOP Research In the News: Children’s Surgery Safety, Mentoring Award, and More

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Learning Language Grows From and Catalyzes Research

CHOP Research In the News: Big Efforts Aimed at Small Things

On Your Skin, In Your Gut, and All Around: A Microbiome Q&A

Capitalizing on the Research Potential of Mobile and Digital Technologies

How Warts Could Reveal the Immune System’s Tiny Flaws and Functions

CHOP Research In the News: Trauma, Asthma, Autism Insurance Mandates, and Sexual Health

CHOP Research In the News: New Rare Disease, FA Woodstock, Bioengineering, and Protecting Toddlers from Child Abuse